Rearn Thai is owned and operated by the Chusakul family. The Chusakuls immigrated to Maryland when Chavalit (Charlie) accepted a position with the Thai Embassy. Chavalit, his wife, Pat, and their two sons, Gunn and Pin, then moved to Greensboro when Gunn decided to attend Greensboro College. The Chusakuls quickly fell in love with southern hospitality and knew that Greensboro was where their roots would grow.

The original Rean Thai location opened in 1992 as one of the very first Thai restaurants in Greensboro. This location was small and humble with only seven tables. Customers often had to sit cafeteria style and much of the business were carryout orders. 

Rearn Thai quickly outgrew this location and found themselves moving only a mile down the street to the location of a former Chinese restaurant. The building was quite large and the family wanted a piece of property of their own. 

In 2006, the glass doors of the new Rearn Thai opened at 5120 West Market St. and it has been the home for fresh Thai food ever since. 

Unfortunately, Charlie passed away in the fall of 2019. He left behind many lessons on how the business needed to run. Including…

  •         Make Customers Smile 
  •         Do the Right Thing 
  •         Always Be Kind

Pin and his wife, Laura, continue to operate Rearn Thai using Charlie’s guidance everyday. 

Hours of Operation


Closed for following Holidays:

New Years Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day